Building Successful Leaders

LifeWorks is committed to publishing digital learning materials that creatively assist schools for developing tomorrow’s leaders. Our materials and platform emphasize the acquisition of ‘success-skills’ that are imperative for college, career and global citizenship. Students progress through collaborative lessons that promote problem-based learning and teach essential life skills and leadership.

Featuring iLead21

iLead 21, previously successful in book form with schools around the country, has now been digitally produced, published and made available via a subscription to an app that is accessible by computer or phone. The iLead 21 app has evolved the learning process into real-time, authentic experiences that allow for collaborative connections with students around the world. iLead21 is designed for students to obtain the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st century.

What to Expect from iLead21

Students work in a company of their making and progress through a series of problem-based, entrepreneurial tasks. The app provides resources, tracks their progress and facilitates secure collaboration with students from their own school and, optionally, with students globally. The result of completing iLead21 is a resume-friendly, ‘College Readiness’ digital badge backed by LifeWorks Publishing and verified by a third-party data system. iLead21 is a great tool for teachers and schools seeking to grow personal confidence among their students while they obtain success skills.


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Public/Private School

This option is for people who are interested in using iLead 21 with a group of students before, after, or within the school day.

Each iLead team would typically have 5 - 18 students and 1 iCoach (this could be any adult who is comfortable working on hands-on, student-directed projects, so it does NOT need to be a certified teacher).

Homeschool Co-op

Select this option if you are interested in using iLead 21 with a cohort of home schooled kids.

Ideally, iLead 21 should be used with a group of no less than 5 and no more than 18 people, guided by one iCoach (adult) who is comfortable working on hands-on, student-directed projects.


Social/Community Organization

Select this option if you are interested in using iLead 21 as part of your social, community, religious, or other organization (Boy/Girl Scouts, YMCA, Summer Camp, etc.).

Individual/Parents Enrolling Children

This option is for people who would like to be a part of the iLead 21 leadership experience, but who are not part of a larger organization or group. Adults over 18 may select this option for themselves, and parents wishing to have one or more of their children complete iLead 21 should select this option.